About Me - Jack Wade

About Me

Jack Wade is an amateur photographer from Princeton, West Virginia.

Imagine waking up before the sun comes up as you grab a nice hot cup of coffee on a brisk spring morning. You walk out the door to get into your vehicle as the sound of birds singing fills the air.

You drive through the early morning hours before daylight to reach your destination. Once you arrive, the sun begins to peek over the mountains in the distance. You are all alone taking in the fresh spring air as the Earth starts to warm gradually from the morning rays of sunshine. It is just you, Gods creation and your camera. For me this is how the love of photography began.

On the next stop in my journey of photography, I found myself inside the exciting world of a local Independent Pro Wrestling organization. I was invited to shoot their events once a month. The fast pace action was a new experience for me with my camera. I still shoot for that same organization. A couple of my photos were even used on posters for a well known wrestling company when they came through the area. Shooting for that company has indeed taught me a lot. I am forever grateful for that opportunity.

Now we catch up to my current position on the path of experiencing the wonderful world of photography, portrait and family photography. It all started as we were expecting our first grandchild. I knew I would be shooting lots of photos capturing birthdays, holidays and life events. You will see many photos of that sweet little girl on this site. Again, I have learned that it is a whole different world shooting portraits. I have been blessed to shoot for other folks for holidays, proms, senior photos and family photos as well. Shooting for others is really a joy in itself. Meeting new people and their families is such an honor.

As for the future? I just take it one opportunity at a time. Whether it is shooting landscapes, wrestling or portraits, I have learned the most important lesson.

You will never stop learning, just enjoy the journey!

Enjoy your visit on my webpage and thank you for taking the time to look around.